Friday evening, April 21, was a wonderful night of Lutheran fellowship and supporting CAW as we move forward with our classical education journey. Dr. Veith and Rev. Koble were both passionate and heartfelt in their discussion of what it means to be classical. To those who were with us in person, thank you for your presence. For our friends who were unable to join us, you were missed but we thank you for your continued prayers.

The end of the school year approaches. In olden times, the summer was when the children where needed at home to work the gardens and fields, help clean up after a long winter, and lay in the food and supplies for the next winter. In the cities, the opera houses and lecture halls would largely close down, as it was too hot to congregate in crowds, and many would leave the city for the cooler hills and forests. Today, families plan vacations and summer activities for their students, although some students will use this time to sit indoors and stare at screens. The two worlds, leisure once enforced by winter spent indoors at school or concert hall, and the world of the bright sun and vigorous activity are complimentary. What they share is the reinforcement of togetherness and fellowship.

Concordia is working on fellowship, both within our school and without. In the coming times, Lord willing, we will be pursuing two programs that tend toward this goal: Concordia Cordis Urbis (Harmony in the Heart of the City), and Orbis Concordiae (The Realm of Concord). Concordia being a Latin word meaning harmony or togetherness, we see part of our role as bringing people together, Lutherans reaching out with their resources to educate, delight, and enrich ourselves and those around us within our community.

Concordia Cordis Urbis is our project whereby we partner with the neighborhood, South Central Wichita, in order to participate in cleanups, like the one on Saturday the 29th of April from 9am to noon, build micro-parks, like our regulation bocce court soon coming your way on the riverside, or provide space and instruction for our community as they learn classical art techniques in drawing, calligraphy, and painting. Our neighborhood includes many school-aged children, and we dream of bringing some within our doors to school and church.

Orbis Concordiae is our program for bringing more families from beyond Wichita into our ‘Realm’. We have Lutheran K-8 schools all around us, at Holy Cross, at Faith in Derby, and at St. Paul’s in Cheney, as well as many more parishes and schools beyond. We seek to provide them with a community high school experience by reaching out with transportation and even weekly boarding for students who come to us on a schedule. This schedule would allow them to be with us for a week at a time, after which they travel home for two weeks, to rejoin us again after that period. In between, they take online courses and participate in remote lectures and socratic conversations, handing in work via the web.​

Be thinking of ways you can participate, by working in the neighborhood with our students, or perhaps offering a spare bedroom to board a young Concordia student. Call the school at 316-202-8989, or stop by during school hours (Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm) to let us know. May God increase our love for one another.

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