Yesterday, Concordia’s Board of Directors held its annual meeting, including the election of board members and officers. We welcomed new board member Everett Snyder, and Amanda Carter was re-elected to another term on the board. Thank you both! We are grateful to Rev. Dean Christ for his willingness to fill the office of President in the coming year, and to Dick Lewallen, Amanda Carter, and Kristi Lovett for their willingness to continue serving in their offices for another year.

We also want to thank outgoing board members Rev. Geoff Boyle and Ken Wabel for their time and efforts. Pastor Boyle has been involved with Concordia Academy since the beginning of the idea in 2016. Since then he has led the effort, including helming the original steering committee and serving as the board’s president since its incorporation in 2018. It would be an understatement to say he has put a lot of passion, knowledge, time, and effort into making Concordia Academy a reality. Without him, we could not have accomplished anything that we have done. We will miss him and his family greatly when he takes up his new position at the seminary in Ft. Wayne.

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