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Our curriculum represents an education in the Classical Humanities

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Ruins of the Past, Towers of the Future

In the land of the blind, a one-eyed man is a visionary. Looking about us, we note that many parents are looking for direction, realizing that what they thought they understood about education has been an illusion, leaning their confidence on a bruised reed once known as ‘the system’. A wide variety of educational approaches are surfacing as more...

“To be understood as we understand.” – St. Francis of Assisi

It is the beginning of the final semester of this school year, and the start of a new year, namely 2024. Classical schools exist to foster the upright man, one who has developed powers of discernment and heightened elocution - this in comparison to the modern schools which seek to develop a man who is no better than anyone else but hopefully...

An Awakening of Wisdom at Concordia Academy

Teaching another semester at Concordia Academy-Wichita reminds me of two things: The arts by which we teach are as old as humanity, and the people we teach are all original creations. God brings us into touch with his eternal presence and truth in a seemingly endless amount of creative examples. The unchanging God produces a stream of constantly...

Learning for Tomorrow from Yesterday’s Reflection

Looking at our third semester, nearly in the books, we are thankful for growth and strength. Concordia Academy has been blessed with the support of many, and students that are joyful, attentive, and full of enthusiasm for their own studies and growth. As has been observed, the presence of hope, one of the three spiritual virtues, is observed in...

Why Latin and Greek?

"Latin is a language, dead as dead can be, first it killed the Romans, and now it’s killing me." You may have heard someone chanting this or asserting its corollary: “Latin is a dead language, and therefore pointless.” While we’ll overlook the bad reasoning in that enthymeme (rhetorical syllogism), it is true that Latin is not learned as a native...

What makes a good Classical Artist?

I considered what would make a good art curriculum for a Classical school, I had to understand what practices produced good Classical artists. Read more

CAW Did You Know?

Did you know? A group of phoenix is known as an odyssey. Did you know? The phoenix symbolizes regeneration and new beginnings. Did you know? You too can join CAW as we bring about a resurgence into Classical Education. Read more

Year Two at Concordia Academy

The seasons were observed for many cycles by the ancients before they could ponder reliable calendars, meaning it takes many reiterations to lay down dependable expectations. Concordia Academy has completed one lap around the track, one circuit of the zodiac, one full academic year of living and studying together in the pursuit of academic...

CAW, Bremen KS, 150 Years of German Lutheran Tradition

In a time of prairie schooners sailing along the Oregon-California Trail and the Pony Express rider galloping through the tall prairie grasses, German immigrants from Illinois by way of Bremen, Germany settled along the Horseshoe Creek area in Northwest Marshall County, KS. Read more here.

CAW Week 5, Holy Cross Lutheran School

Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Wichita was founded in 1942 as a daughter congregation of Immanuel Lutheran Church (where Concordia Academy is currently housed). The parish quickly outgrew their first church building, and by 1952, they began constructing a new church at 9th and Oliver. Read more here.

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