Are you wondering what a classical education is, why it is important, and perhaps why such strange things are happening in modern American education? We present some suggestions for reading that will help you pick up the trail and understand this moment for yourself.

An excellent place to begin is this apologetic for the classical Christian idea of education which has gained a wide contemporary audience in America. Battle for the American Mind, by Pete Hegseth, a commentator on Fox News, is the popular evidence of a twenty five year movement coming into the public eye. Hegseth writes this book in collaboration with David Goodwin, President of the Association of Classical Christian Schools, in order to give a window of understanding to American parents who are wondering exactly what went wrong in our current project of public education, once seen to be the nursery of good American Citizens. In these pages you will encounter Hegseth discovering with dawning alarm the strange events which led to our crisis of public life, a time that pushes religious formation to the margins of life, and increasingly conditions our people to worship a form of democracy that can best be described as chaos. Read a thumbnail of the history of American Education and the return of schools that affirm God and Virtue here: https://classicalchristian.org/our-history/. Hegseth’s book, an easy introduction by a practiced communicator and veteran of our unfortunate wars, is an exposé written for his fellow Americans. Its subtitle, Uprooting a Century of Miseducation reveals the antidote for our cultural cancer. This popular book can be found in Walmart as well as on Amazon, https://www.amazon.com/, and at Christian bookstores. You will discover that public schools are still the prized incubators of citizens in America, and that they have been captured by those motivated with a strange agenda.

In order to broaden your view of the problem present here and now, read The Devil Knows Latin: Why America Needs the Classical Tradition. E. Christian Kopff, writing in 1999, gives the argument as to why it is precisely Classical education that holds the key for the rejuvenation of the American project. You will discover why our seemingly most modern of societies, a democratic one, can only survive by maintaining connection with the past of western thought and discoveries, and how this can only be achieved through the study of languages, literature, and history of what has lead us to our own moment. Kopff investigates why alienation occurs among our people, and how a proper education serves to prepare us to participate in the ongoing story that is our life.

What in particular does Lutheran Classical Education offer? For a thorough understanding of the history, methods and development of Lutheran education, read Thomas Korcok’s book Lutheran Education: From Wittenberg to the Future. From the beginnings of recovery and universal literacy in post Reformation Europe, to the emigration of confessional Lutherans to America, schools and education have been at the center of Church concerns. Korcok recounts with many historical examples the effort of the Lutherans to promote literacy and competency for the sake of the Church and the state. Further, we read here an informative account of confessionalism holding out against rationalism and pietism, and the Church’s effort to set up high schools that eventually became the Lutheran seminaries of today. Today we might observe that our challenge involves a repudiation of materialism as well as the conviction that it is the confessing Church in which we truly encounter the Body of Christ. by Dan Snyder

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