Concordia Academy

Uncompromisingly Classical, Intentionally Christian, Particularly Lutheran

Wichita’s oldest Lutheran Church, Kansas’ only Lutheran High School, a traditional Liberal Arts Education on the path of Christian Discipleship

As students of Concordia Academy, how can we influence others to join us as we seek out virtue and wisdom? Our answer? We give you, The Classical Cure!

To hear a message from The Lutheran Church Missouri-Synod President, Rev. Matthew Harrison click here

The Pursuit of Wisdom

Learn the classical languages and read classic literature, grow your mind in understanding and knowledge so that you may know and become part of the wisdom of the past, opening the possibilities of the future.

The Cultivation of Virtue

Become who you should be, free to live before God and with your fellow man in the world.

Take your place in the unfolding story, understand where you fit.

Concordia Academy-Wichita is a Recognized Service Organization of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod

Concordia Academy is an approved Kansas State High School Activities Association school
Concordia Academy participates the Classical Learning Test for college readiness evaluation
Concordia Academy is part of the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education, and associated with the Association of Classical and Christian Schools

Our Process




Complete an Enrollment Application (click on the link below) and return to the CAW office along with the non-refundable Application Fee of $100 per student

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Schedule your student(s) for testing and an interview by contacting our office at 316-202-8989




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About us

Our school board formed in 2018, incorporating as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. We were recognized in 2021 as a service organization (an ‘RSO’) of the Kansas District Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, which means that our doctrinal position and ministry are in harmony with that Synod. Our mission and vision are established by the officers of the school board, both laity and clergy, and we enjoy the support of many parishioners in Kansas Lutheran Churches, as well as the financial, intellectual and spiritual involvement of others who value education and virtue. Our first school year began in August of 2022.


Curious about Concordia Academy – Wichita?

Download our e-book now! We will show you how the school sees its students, its mission, its guiding principle, and its classical education heritage.

Young people, as is often said, are the future. When we realize that there is a child in each person’s past, we also realize that we were helped along the way ourselves.

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